“Floating cities” workshops

City of Tomorrow multidisciplinary project

      As part of the City of Tomorrow multi-disciplinary project, the Ecole Privée Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie and the Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer welcomed the illustrator Elsa Mroziewicz for workshops imagining floating cities…


The “Floating Cities” workshops, organized by the Institut français du Luxembourg at the École Privée Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie and the Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer, aim to raise students’ awareness of sustainable development. Floating cities could be a solution to the rising sea levels caused by global warming.
The students met a children’s book illustrator, Elsa Mroziewicz, who presented her floating cities project and explained the various solutions that she and other literary and scientific contributors had devised to tackle the urgent issue of climate change.
The idea is to develop several floating cities across 5 continents on a fresco more than 10 meters long, featuring several augmented reality animations. This project, which is still in its early stages, will be presented at the UN conference on the oceans to be held in Nice in June 2025.
Several classes around the world (France, Brazil, United States, Taiwan….) will be taking part in the same workshop, and all the student’s work will be posted on the floating city website.
The students worked in small groups to design their own floating cities.
The hardest part was thinking about making the city self-sufficient. We had to take into account practical aspects such as supplying food and drinking water, as well as ensuring that it could be stable while floating.
These workshops are part of the multidisciplinary City of Tomorrow project, organized by the Institut français du Luxembourg, in cooperation with the French Embassy in Luxembourg and a number of Luxembourg partners, and with the support of the development company Agora, which specializes in the rehabilitation and development of former industrial sites.


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