IF cinema à la carte back in June!

IF cinema à la carte back in June!

For all film lovers, we propose you to watch a selection of films from the IFcinéma catalogues.

IFcinéma à la carte is back in June with an edition of 10 French feature films, available for free online, all over the world.
From animation to fiction and documentary, for both young and adult audiences, experience cinema from home!

You can access free film viewing on the platform, which will be active from 1 to 30 June 2023.

On the programme:
Le Concours (de Claire Simon, 2016)
Une vie violente (de Thierry De Peretti, 2016)
Africa Mia (de Richard Minier et Edouard Salier, 2019)
Chambre 212 (de Christophe Honoré, 2019)
Revenir (de Jessica Palud, 2019)
Camille (de Boris Lojkine, 2019)
Les Eboulis (de Sarah Suco, 2019)
Le Voyage du prince (de Jean-François Laguionie, 2019)
La Cravate (de Mathias Théry et Etienne Chaillou, 2019)
Adolescentes (de Sébastien Lifshitz, 2019)

Enjoy the movie(s)!

Hand to Hand project !

Hand to Hand project !

The hypothesis chosen for Hand to hand, is to create new cooperation and new modes of understanding through social ecology where art – more specifically contemporary circus – in public space can contribute to the transition of our sector, transforming its artistic and methodological practices.

Facing these ecological issues, the contemporary circus sector, as well as the cultural sector in general, needs to redefine its practices. It raises the question whether to concretely translate the implementation of more sustainable and ethical means into collaboration and how to contribute to a change in behaviour. This approach thus implies the development of a new set of capacities to train artists in new artistic, scientific and collaborative approaches, when initial circus training often prioritises technical skills.

While initial circus training often focuses on technical skills, this approach implies the development of a new set of abilities to train artists in new artistic, scientific and collaborative approaches. They force us to (re)connect in a different and urgent way to the spaces we inhabit and the people who live there.

The project brings together 4 European partners offering experimentation spaces through a cross-sectoral collaboration, including cultural and creative industries, researchers in ecology and art, as well as private firms: Joseph Perrier, champagne house; Fila Arches, paper mill of art in France ; Solana, salt marshes in Croatia ; a maritime workshop for the renovation of wooden boats and a professional fisherman in Denmark ; Codfish Harbor of Ílhavo, distant water fishing in Portugal.

The process and all activities will take place between March 2023 and July 2025 :
– In France : Le Palc
– In Croatia : ROOM 100
– In Portugal : Bússola
– In Denmark : Helsingør Theatre
It aims to explore the issue of sustainability through learning and experimental spaces of innovation and research for circus artists, especially emerging artists in their artistic practice in public space, and give them new capacities of initiating such a transition.

16 circus artists will be pre-selected by dossier to participate in an introductory workshop in Châlons-en-Champagne (FR) on 4 – 5 – 6 July 2023. These artists are looking for an opportunity to learn about sustainability, cross-sectoral issues and circus in public spaces. 8 circus artists will be selected at the end of this workshop to follow the whole process of the project.

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