Movie screening and discussion: Alaska-Patagonia, the Great Crossing

In the presence of the protagonists

    In collaboration with the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, we invite you on an extraordinary journey with Sophie Planque and Jérémy Vaugeois!
Sophie Planque and Jérémy Vaugeois, a couple with a passion for mountains and geography, set themselves the challenge of cycling 28,743 km across the American Continental Divide over a two-year period. The Continental Divide lies at the heart of the American landmass: the Brooks, the Alaskans, the Rockies, the Sierra Madre and the dreaded Andes.

In search of the soul of the continent, it’s with the people who inhabit these mountains, with the mineral and sedimentary elements, that this couple experience a geography of extremes. More than a bicycle trip film, it’s an ode to geography, to the discovery of detail, to the understanding of relief, to a deep love for our planet.
“It’s a trip for lovers that’s more of a grand odyssey than a peaceful honeymoon. Sophie Planque and Jérémy Vaugeois have embarked on an adventure in XXL format. It’s an adventure full of emotions, memorable encounters and sometimes trying unforeseen events”. (Radio France)
Tuesday 28 November 2023 | 8.30pm
Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg
France 2021 | Sophie Planque | documentary | French version w/English subtitles | 56’ | digital
Prix du jury, Prix du public, Festival Retours du monde 202
After the screening, meeting with Sophie Planque, director and protagonist, and Jérémy Vaugeois, protagonist, moderated by Maxime Dafri, Director of the Institut français du Luxembourg.
The discussion will be held in French.
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