Ateliers collectifs

pour enfants

    💪 Grand chelem en français ! 🏅
Nos ateliers permettent à vos enfants d’acquérir la confiance et les compétences nécessaires pour s’exprimer en français !

Informations pratiques

Informations pratiques

« Ma fille a enrichi son vocabulaire et s’intéresse davantage à la langue française. » – Maria
Comme Maria, inscrivez vos enfants pour un nouveau trimestre d’ateliers en français !

Les dates des sessions d’ateliers enfants sont hors vacances scolaires luxembourgeoises.

 Ateliers collectifs

pour ados

💪  Prenez les rênes en français ! 🏅
Pendant les ateliers, les ados sont vivement encouragés à prendre part à des activités pratiques pour améliorer leurs capacités d’expression et de compréhension, écrites et orales, en français.

Informations pratiques

« J’ai aimé le professeur et l’atmosphère d’apprentissage très conviviale. » – Ziqiu
Inscrivez vos ados pour un nouveau trimestre d’ateliers en français, afin qu’ils apprennent dans une ambiance conviviale, comme Ziqiu !

Les dates des sessions d’ateliers ados sont hors vacances scolaires luxembourgeoises.

 Campus de printemps

pour enfants & ados

​🐤​ Semer le plaisir du français !​🌼​ 
Des exercices interactifs et des activités ludiques pour un apprentissage du français pendant les vacances de Pâques pour vos enfants et vos ados – et pour célébrer le printemps en français !

Informations pratiques

Informations pratiques

« Mon fils a adoré ses leçons ! Les thèmes sont ludiques, innovants et stimulants car il sont toujours associés au contexte/période de l’année dans laquelle les étudiants se retrouvent. » – Loana
Comme Loana, inscrivez vos enfants & vos ados à notre Campus de printemps en français ! (ouverture des inscriptions mi-mars 2024)



Vos avis et commentaires

Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 113 reviews)
Very good14%

Good course, with some room for improvements

Rated 3 out of 5

The course was overall good. For the price that we paid and considering the presence of students with different levels in the same group, it should be better organized, though! Meaning that the different levels require different materials. Homework would also help to revise what was done in the course. In level A1.2, it would be more important to also write things down and not just express them orally, as this can then help to practice at home in order to prepare for the next class. Now we always had to start instead with a « short » revision of the day before, which in fact took up a lot of time.
The majority of the students were beginners who hadn’t studied french before or had only studied it for a couple of weeks, and I ended up being more talkative than the others and I felt that I was talking a lot – the teacher also mentioned that a few times. Basically this part was wrong attempt of the beginning of the class. With regard to grammar, the teaching was really very good! It would however have been better to include more dialogues, letting students write them down and then practice among each other – this could be very helpful.


fruitful start learning French in 11 sessions

Rated 5 out of 5

Kona, native American, 9 years old,spent 11 sessions of French private lession during her holidays in Luxembourg. Nearly from scratch, she was willing to start learning French in view of being able to chat with her French origin school friend in NY State primary public school
Sandra, her teacher, made her comfortable at the lesson, so that due to this friendly relationship, Kona was able to register good progress by learning words at the start. She has an excellent memory for words and ideas. But certainly, her willingness to learn helped her to meeting the expectations of Sandra and ours too. During the aftermath of the private lessons, we rehears with her main words or standard situations. Even with this background, you can not expecting miracles. Nevertheless it was a treasure for future work .

Jean Pierre

Interesting and efficient if you find your level

Rated 4 out of 5

This time a I had just one week, but enjoyed a lot and gained more confidence in my French speaking skills.

Ivan Zinych




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