DAEFLE : Diploma in teaching French as a foreign language

The DAEFLE (Diploma in teaching French as a foreign language) is a diploma offered by the Alliance français Paris Ile-de-France, in collaboration with the CNED. It is aimed at anyone wishing to obtain a professional qualification in the field of teaching-learning French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

The training, initial or ongoing, is carried out remotely. To be admitted, it is necessary to pass an access test. Once the 6 modules of the training have been validated, the diploma is obtained subject to passing a final exam.

Certificcation professeur - DAEFLE

The access test is done online on the Ev@lang ( lien hypertext autre onglet) platform. It assesses the level of French (written and oral comprehension, grammar and vocabulary). The registration fee is 82 euros.

Registrations of 2021 sessions for wich registrations can be made at the Institut français du Luxembourg is shown below :


  Registration dates
Online test dates
Date of the results
Year 2021

Until 19/02/2021

Until 02/04/2021

Until 27/08/2021

Until 08/10/2021

Between April 15 and April 27

Between May 18 and May 28

Between October 12 and October 20

Between November 25 and December 3





Registrer by completing the registration form :  FormulaireInscriptionTestAccesHorsParis2021Dynamique

The Institut français du Luxembourg also organizes one session per year, in December, for the final test, which validates the training at the CNED. The final test takes place on site at an approved centre. In 2021, the test at the Institut français du Luxembourg will take place on 09/06/2021 (registrations until 30/04/2021) and on 08/12/2021 (registrations until 03/11/2021). Please contact us for registration.


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