Online French courses keep going !

Due to the sanitary situation, online French courses remain the preferred option. Indeed, our teachers have been able to adapt themselves to the circumstances, using news methods, tools, and habits. Nevertheless, registrations for face-to-face  private lessons are again available !

 The IFL is offering upon arrangement e-learning classes by using different tools and materials.


How does e-learning work?

  1. You choose with your French teacher the app for your lessons (SKYPE, ZOOM, WEBEX, HANGOUTS, WHATSAPP …)
  2. You log in or sign up for the chosen app and meet your French teacher online
  3. Your course can start !


What do you need besides your internet connection?

  1. On your computer: a webcam and a microphone (maybe a microphone headset if your computer is not equipped)
  2. On your smartphone or tablet: a microphone headset can be useful to be more comfortable
  3. The chosen app already set up and tested a few minutes before the course start.


The French course department of Institut français du Luxembourg will keep you informed of developments .

For any request, contact us at



Private tuition offers a targeted training according to your abilities. Our flexible formulas allow you to select the dates, times and the courses frequency according to your schedule.

  • 15 modules= 630 € (one module corresponds to 45 minutes)
  • 20 modules= 840 €

Take profit of your free-time by learning French from home.

Information et registration :

Institut français du Luxembourg

Tél. : (00352) _46 21 66

Email :

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